This is what you will be able to achieve in a few steps that I’ve described below.



Steps 1-4 shows how to create the basic water drop outline

From 5-13 We learn how to give the light and dark feature to the shape by applying a linear gradient

14-18 we see how to add the shadow outside and inside the water drop

19-23 we shall ad the little white tiny glowing and shining speck :) It makes a lot of difference. I used Brush tool and then added outer glow to it.

24-28 we see how to change the shape of the water drop by Liquify tool brush

Finally a summary of the progress as you learnt above


I just added this Spherize option based on suggestions from “shuiichiro” and “owen248” and “elussich” from WWW.SXC.HU

There might be many information which might not be necessary in the tutorial but I just mentioned them for the newcomers sake. (Even I was one of them once :)

This is my first ever tutorial.
The presentation is very rookie but I hope you get the results.

The Photoshop file can be downloaded here

Download PSD file

Below is an image from my sxc gallery with a similar work. Please click on the link to download the original image

Thank You !

I would like to know your advice and opinions on this tutorial

Note: I have used one of SXC’s Stock image for this tutorial and all rights to use the image is as specified by the owner.
Thanks SXC. . . . XOXO