Rebranding American Airlines

Finally American Airlines has a fresh look and we like it! The New logo for AA has arrived and this is a change from the corporate bird after 40 years. The new logo still inherits colors and standards like (red + blue + eagle) but it looks more 3d, fresh and modern now. American’s new look was created with input from our customers and our people, and in partnership with FutureBrand – a leading global brand consultancy.

American Airlines New Logo

The Stabilizer Concept : Looks like its airline wing with eagle embedded in it. It also looks like a part of the letter “A” with red+blue gradient.In addition the shapes also look like wings of eagle and we would say its well designed and integrated, preserved the core theme of AA. The letter AA was an integral part of its old logo.

Coming to colors, instead os using 3 solid colors, now we see thousands of colors of same combination which is a gradient.

We liked the new design and this would go good with its wings, whereas the old logo was kind of off placed on its wing. But looks like the bird would instead use American Flag on its Wing. :) Check our similar post on Aircraft Wing Design.

Side Effects on the Bird

The effect of this change on plane we feel is positive. Earlier AA was saving a lot on paint as its body was clean and unpainted metal. But now it has a layer of paint and graphics.

What the previous version meant

The version (-1) was still good. It was designed in 1968 and at that point was one of the modern design and we would say its still cool!! The reason is its minimal, simple and easily catchable. Notice that it only throws AA + Eagle and no extra images or colors. This was a Helvetica Logo which is the most popular type face in design industry and branding.Check out our similar post on Helvetica.


The old logo was similar to many other logos but yet, unique. :). Thats what smart design was

American Airlines

American Apparel



Both the logos are good. But its a welcome change ..thats what our opinion is.Lets see how successful rebranding this would be. Please feel free to share thoughts on it.